Interview s novým členem Arsenalu

Bacary Sanga zkompletoval svůj přestup z Auxerre do Arsenalu. Krátce po jeho příletu na Emirates Stadium, poskytl francouzský obránce interview už jako hráč AFC.

Bakary vítej v Arsenalu. Co pro tebe znamená být teď hráčem Arsenalu?

Je to úžasné. Kdyby mi nekdo řekl, že jednoho dne budu hrát za Arsenal nevěřil bych tomu. Jsem velice sťastný 

It's amazing. If someone had told me that one day I would be an Arsenal player I would not have believed him. I am very happy for my family, my friends and also for my future. It is really a positive move.

Your president [at Auxerre] was quoted as saying: “He wants to wear the Arsenal shirt”. Was this club that important to you?

It's very important for me because Arsenal is one of the biggest European clubs. At the moment it a young team which still has room to improve. For a young player it is the club of the future and it is all of this which attracted me to the club.

Generally, you played at right back for Auxerre. Is that where you expect to play for Arsenal?

I think so. For four years I have been playing at right back and it is where I feel the most at ease.

But you are seen as versatile too. Where else have you played for Auxerre?

I have also played at left back on occasions, either for the Under-21 French team or in Auxerre. The result is the same.

Just so the Arsenal fans can get an impression of you, is there any player you have modelled yourself on or any hero?

Lilian Thuram.

How important was Arsène Wenger in attracting you to Arsenal?

He showed his determination when he wanted to attract me to the club when we spoke recently. The fact that he personally contacted me recently, the fact that this is such a big club and he has made so much effort to recruit me, it has seduced me.

How important in your decision was the style of football Wenger’s side plays.

I think this is one of the best English sides, the one that plays the best football. The fact that it is a young team and there is high-quality training are extra positives compared to other English teams.

In England it has been seen as a difficult time for Arsenal. How confident are you that this side can win trophies next season?

We have the youth card and the fact that no one really rates us means that maybe we can surprise people. The young players want to prove what they can do and I want to prove what I can do. And all of this together will help us have a good season, I hope.

Did you speak to anyone for advice before joining Arsenal? How about Abou Diaby, he was your team-mate at Auxerre?

Yes, Abou Diaby spoke to me the last time the French national side got together. He only had good things to say about Arsenal. And so far I am not disappointed.

Who else do you know already in the Arsenal side? You have played in the France Under-21 team with Gael Clichy haven’t you?

Yes, and Mathieu Flamini. I had a chance to meet William Gallas in the France squad and I have played against Adebayor in the French championship.

Of course, Auxerre are a team with a history of bring through big talents — Cantona, Basile Boli, Cisse , Goma, Mexes — is there something special about the way they educate their players?

I think the mentality and the training is important at Auxerre. The training is among the best in the world but I know it is easier to make it at Auxerre than somewhere else because Auxerre is a small city. We only have football to concentrate on.

How much was Guy Roux an influence on your career? He had a dynasty as Auxerre manager before he left recently.

He is enormous in France. It is him who gave me my chance. he was the one who pushed me every morning and, by the way, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him.

In 2002, Arsenal played at Auxerre in the Champions League. You were only 19 at the time and did not play but you were at the club. Do you remember the game? Did Arsenal make an impression that night?

It was one-nil to Arsenal and they were very solid that night.

Do you feel there are similarities between Wenger and Guy Roux in their approach to football?

I think so. They both prefer football which is played to the feet instead of the long ball.
Whenever a foreign player comes over to England there is an adaptation period. How easily do you think you will cope?

Straight away. I don't know why I will have problems adapting in England. It is quite a French-speaking club, everybody has put me at ease right from the start and I feel good.

What have other players told you about the pace and strength of the Premier League?

Everybody has talked about it and I have been lucky to meet the English Under-21 squad too. I saw that the level was quite high and the football was different.

Of course French players have a very good track record at Arsenal (Vieira, Petit, Henry, Clichy). Does that history make it easier for you to come here?

No, no, no. If they made it here it was because they were willing and they gave their maximum. I am going to try and imitate them.
Is this the first time you have been to Emirates Stadium? What are your first impressions?

Enormous. It is a beautiful stadium. There is nothing to add.
Finally do you have a message for the Arsenal fans?

First of all, welcome! I hope we are going to spend many seasons together.